Add or Edit Email Account on iphone

These instructions work on iphone Mail software for many iphone versions. We've used them for clients on iphones 6 to 14. The server information on this page is for our clients who use Axmail email hosting. For clients who still have email accounts hosted on our webserver (or who think you do): please contact us directly if you need more help with email account settings on your iphone.

First find Settings amongst your iphone's apps & icons, & touch on it. The Settings icon looks something like this: istock_iconfinder_apple_settings_icon.svg

Edit Email Account Server Settings

Scroll down to Passwords & Accounts (it has a grey key icon); touch Passwords & Accounts & then touch your email account under the Accounts heading.

Incoming Mail Server Settings

Touch the Host Name field, replace with:

Outgoing (SMTP) Settings

Touch the SMTP field, then touch (at bottom of list) Add Server:

  Host Name:

  Username: your email account name

  Password: your email password

  Save (right side, top of screen).

Under Other SMTP Servers, touch the server name to check its Outgoing Mail Server settings are right:

  Use SSL: on

  Authentication: Password

  Server Port 587 cannot be edited; it is linked to 'Use SSL'. Port 587 will work fine from your iphone.

Top left of screen: touch Back. Scroll down below Outgoing Mail Server to Advanced; touch to check Incoming Settings:

  Use SSL: on

  Authentication: Password

  Delete from server (POP accounts only): "never" is fine if you set your PC or Mac to leave messages from server for X days after download and you regularly check emails from your computer. But if you mostly use your phone for email: select Seven days here.

  Server Port: 995