Our Website Design Concept

What makes a website 'good'? The answer is a design that suits your unique business needs.

Each new SUTTONNet website is custombuilt to be fast, reliable and effective. We ensure that your website will look and function at its best on any device.

You will be able to liaise every step of the way with a highly experienced web developer; someone you can trust to know your business needs and deliver the technical solutions that will work best for you.

As your business grows, you can ask SUTTONNet to add more functions to your site. And you can update your website with new text and photos at any time.

We back our high quality websites with fully managed, expert webhosting, to enhance your site's speed and reliability.

  • Functionality & Navigability

    At SUTTONNet, performance comes first: easy for customers to use, easy for you to update, easy for search engines to note keywords and rank your webpages highly.

    Our ecommerce websites offer a buying process that is straightforward and secure.

    Search engine friendly features are integral to the structure of all our websites. Most of our clients never need to pay for expensive search engine optimisation (SEO) services.

  • Speed & Reliability

    SUTTONNet websites consistently wow our clients and their customers with their speed and efficiency. They also wow the search engines. Fast loading time on mobile phones is a key factor in search rankings, and in converting clicks to sales.

    Our websites use software that has been selected or developed by a qualified programmer. There's no unnecessary code to slow them down; we know the shortcuts that work.

    We choose cloud web server software and hardware that are configured to maximise your website's speed, availability and security.

    What happens if things go wrong? As well as our many years of expertise, SUTTONNet can access outstanding 24/7 technical support for any webhosting problem that we can't resolve.

    This is the infrastructure that your business needs to succeed online.

  • Security

    An SSL/TLS website security certificate is a must for any website. But there's much more to keeping your website, email and customers' data safe.

    SUTTONNet helps protect your business online:

    • well designed website software that is difficult to break into
    • all websites that we host are protected by valid security certificates, which encrypt data in transit around the Internet
    • we help our hosting clients to set up secure (encrypted) email
    • up to date anti spamware on our mail server
    • secure hosting protocols designed by business hosting professionals
    • strict limits on server access
    • dedicated server for use of SUTTONNet & our clients only
    • personal service: we know our clients & their websites. There are no anonymous hackers or phishers sharing your website's server.
  • Flexibility

    Because we host all the websites that we build, we are always on hand to grow your website when you are ready.

    The SUTTONNet flexible website concept lets you:

    • add new webpages any time
    • re-arrange webpages on the site menu(s)
    • edit text and images, and change their layout on the webpage
    • add features as your business grows and changes: from a photo gallery or a contact form, to a full ecommerce system or tailored web application.