Why Choose a Web Programmer?

We do more than the average small business web designer who can use their favourite off-the-shelf product, like WordPress or Squarespace, but doesn't know much else about what makes websites work. Our niche is tailored, innovative website programming to create unique websites for small & medium businesses. Convert your great ideas into website practicalities.

We adapt the website to suit your business, not the other way around.

As a rural microbusiness working B2B, we know the financial and other pressures on small business. Our prices are within reach of business owners who are serious about their online presence.

  • We listen to you

    Because Bizazzcan create original code, we aren't limited in our vision. We listen to businesses and work with them, rather than cutting their ideas down to the same size and shape as everyone else's.

    Sketch, write or make notes of your proposal: what you want to achieve and why. We don't need it in IT jargon. Explain in your own terms on paper, in an email or on our website planner. Email us or phone 02 6462 0002 (M 0427 542 346). We'll ask more questions and tell you what we reckon is practical to build and maintain, within your budget.

  • We innovate

    Don't give up if you haven't yet seen website software that could handle your great ideas. We have produced a wide range of fully tailored web solutions. With years of experience & in-depth knowledge of how websites & databases tick, we know what's feasible. We've helped clients to grow their original ideas even bigger over the years. Our web programmer Bill says that his main talent is hitting his head against brick walls until they fall down!

  • We're here

    We take responsibility for the quality of our websites and fix any problems asap. We update our software and keep informed of changes in the Internet world.

    Because we host the websites that we develop, we keep in touch with our website clients. We're available to answer questions that you may have, by phone or email. That's ongoing personal service within Australia, directly from the professionals who built your website.

    We take the load off your shoulders to keep your website fully functional and fast, through our managed webhosting services.

  • Kit home or architect-designed?

    Many websites are off-the-shelf with pre-designed templates. They have limited options to vary the floorplan. It can be faster to produce a website this way (though not always). But it can also produce a slow or error-prone website, due to the many layers of code. You have little control over how your website looks and works. If your business doesn't fit the generic mould, the results can be disappointing. Where a site uses multiple plugins created by different developers (as with many WordPress sites), you depend on every one of those unknown developers to keep upgrading their plugins over the years, as browsers change. WordPress plugins are a prime security threat & one of the commonest targets for hackers.

    Bizazz maintains high coding standards for security, speed & 'elegance'. That is, our programs are as simple as possible to do the job. Websites are faster, there is less to go wrong, and if anything DOES malfunction, the code is easy to understand and fix.

    • Each website loads quickly - good news for site visitors and search engines
    • Reduced chances of software bugs & hacking
    • Flexible design
    • Built-in search engine optimisation
    • Easy to extend or upgrade websites as your business grows. That's better value than building a new website every few years.

After something simple?

Bizazz builds websites of all types and sizes. We produce discount mini websites for local businesses and not-for-profit organisations.Here's that wombat again

You'll get the high quality, SEO-friendly structure and speed of any Bizazz website, along with our fully managed webhosting and 24/7 support.

Why we do this

Small business has much to offer Australia. It's where innovation, flexibility and a people-oriented work culture can flourish.

We've seen frustrated business owners saddled with slow, dysfunctional websites that don't benefit their businesses much. They've wasted money, wasted time and given up hope. How can smaller operations compete online with the big players that have mega $ and dedicated IT staff?

Bizazz's response is to offer highly functional websites and skilled programming at sensible prices.