Our Client Support

SUTTONNet has a strong service ethic, with friendly personal support for all our webhosting and email hosting clients. No call centres, no online tickets or chatbots. When you need to talk with someone in Australia who really understands your business and your website, we're here.

Managed hosting

We provide managed webhosting and email hosting. Our clients don't need to log into their website's host server, understand hosting jargon and settings or communicate with staff at data centres. We manage all that for you, and leave you free to manage your business.

SUTTONNet also updates PHP software and hosting settings on all sites which we host. This helps keep the websites and web server secure, at no extra cost to our clients.

All SUTTONNet-built websites that are hosted on our server receive free updates to our inhouse software, as part of our ongoing service commitment.

Using Wordpress? We host a number of Wordpress websites. We apply the important, frequent updates that Wordpress sites require, for just a small annual fee. There's no need for your Wordpress site to become outdated and vulnerable to hackers.

Support 24/7/365

The most important time for many ecommerce and other websites is outside 'normal' business hours. That's when many of your customers have free time to browse and order products. Evenings and weekends are when you need to have any web or email problems dealt with quickly. Yet that's just when many webhosting providers offer less support.

When a client's website or email account gives them trouble, SUTTONNet responds. Urgent calls are accepted any time and addressed promptly. By 'urgent', we mean:

  • the problem will get worse if it's not addressed quickly, &/or
  • the problem impacts our client severely.

We might be temporarily out of reach when you try to contact us; but we check emails and answering machine frequently. Even if we're on the road, we can access your website's server from anywhere with Internet connectivity.

Experience has shown that we out-perform bigger providers on skilled service for our clients at critical times. We'll get onto your query and get it resolved as soon as possible.

Visit SUTTONNet's dedicated client support website

Not a SUTTONNet client yet? Call us on 02 6454 2346 or email us to get top hosting and support for your business or NFP website and email.

*Conditions apply to out-of-hours support. See our service agreement.