Domain Name Registration

Renew or register domain names easily with SUTTONNet's simple, personal service. No online accounts needed: no lost passwords, no jargon.

We update your domain records for you, transfer registrations or register new domains quickly and without fuss.

For our hosting clients, renewing domains through SUTTONNet is an easy one-stop-shop solution to website management. But you don't have to host your website with SUTTONNet to renew or register your domains through us.

As a domain reseller for TPP Wholesale, SUTTONNet keeps track of your domain renewal dates, passwords and account details.

  • Your domain name need never expire;
  • Greater security & convenience, especially for NFPs & businesses with frequent changes of staff/volunteers;
  • Easily identify scam domain renewal notices;
  • No scrambling to find domain passwords or account logins when your key staff are unavailable;
  • You won't lose control of your domains, if a staff member leaves or your contact email address changes.
  • What is a domain reseller?

    A domain registrar processes domain registrations in accordance with international and Australian requirements.

    The domain registrar can either deal directly with the domain registrant (you) or work through an approved domain reseller (like us). A domain reseller looks after a number of registrants. Their customers can benefit from discounted prices and extra support and advice.

    SUTTONNet applies our 'personal service' model to our domain services too, and goes the extra mile. We regard our role as that of a domain manager.

  • Why does SUTTONNet call itself a domain manager?

    SUTTONNet goes further than some domain resellers. We don't expect our clients to access their own online accounts for renewals, payments or editing domain registration details. Instead, we directly manage all our clients' domain accounts for them.

    As a domain manager:

    • we take responsibility for all our clients' domain passwords and for domain account login security;
    • we are a consistent contact point for the registrar - our email address won't change;
    • we are a go-between for registrants and the registrar on technical matters;
    • we update clients' domain records if their business changes;
    • we renew domain names, register new domains, transfer domains, change registrant & more;
    • we help our clients to understand the domain rules & updates, and how these impact their business.
  • Why use a domain manager service?

    Far too often - and for many reasons - domain names don't get renewed on time. Websites go down and emails no longer arrive. It's bad for business, bad for reputation and bad for search engine rankings.

    Here are some scenarios we've seen, with businesses and incorporated groups that managed their own domains:

    • the email address which the domain registrar sent renewals to, was cancelled;
    • real domain renewal invoices were deleted along with all those scam emails;
    • staff left or a committee changed, and no one knew how to access the domain account any more;
    • the business changed ownership, without a proper handover of domain registration. The new owners weren't the legal registrants of their website's domain name and didn't know how to fix this.

    Most businesses (and we hope yours does) get busy. Due dates can get overlooked. When it's a critical item like your website's domain name, that spells trouble.

    Solve your domain dilemmas simply; depend on a reliable, experienced domain manager. We'll manage all your important domain records consistently and securely.

  • Do you provide domain extensions besides .com and

    SUTTONNet accesses a huge range of domain extensions for specific nations and special purposes:, .com, .org, .melbourne, .college, .info and many more.

    We help you work out what's most useful for your business. We'll be honest about the pro's and con's of various domain extensions and the wisdom (or not) of buying up extra domains to protect your 'online identity'.

  • I renew my domain names myself; can I still host my site with you?

    Yes! If you're a star at managing your business's domain names, go for it.

    Your hosting provider will need your domain name password at times. Make sure you know how to access it easily.

    You can change your mind at any time, and ask SUTTONNet to transfer your domain to our reseller account.

SUTTONNet is a domain name reseller for Domain Directors (formerly TPP Wholesale) and uses ethical and responsible practices.