Websites, Social Media & Success

Manage your business's online presence

What's the best way of promoting your business and increasing sales online? There's plenty of advice about what businesses 'must' do.

You want to manage your online presence so that you spend the right time, $ and effort. Instagram, Facebook, Adwords, CRM (customer relationship management), regular blogs, a custom-designed website with all the bells and whistles, search engine optimisation services that cost more per month than a full year of webhosting... It seems the sky's the limit. How do you decide?

SUTTONNet's focus is web programming. We don't earn our daily bread from managing social media or digital marketing campaigns. We do want to help you to select the right online tools for your business.

In our experience, a well structured, well written, up to date website has been a cost-effective strategy for SUTTONNet's clientele: NFP organisations and small/medium businesses in a range of industries. Some of our clients have Facebook, Instagram or other social media pages, others don't.

Try our quick quiz to see if your business might fit the social media model.

Work smart

Tapping the Internet's potential for your business is a learning process. Don't assume it will all fall into place as soon as your website or Facebook page is published.

Do you want your website and social media pages to achieve more for you? If the answer is 'yes', it's time for hard thinking and targetted action.

  • Website statistics are important, but raw numbers don't tell the full tale. Compare online statistics with other metrics. Maybe there has been a low conversion rate from webpage visits to ecommerce sales on your website. But how many site visitors came in & bought from your bricks & mortar shop? Your online 'failure' could actually be a success story.
  • Identify exactly where the problem lies, then take action. For a website, it might be your site's rankings in search results (improve webpage content). Or maybe the sticking point is when people view their online search results (revise your webpage titles & metadescriptions).
  • You can contact SUTTONNet for help to improve your website's performance or to understand more about web analytics.