Web Apps & Website Development

SUTTONNet builds websites that grow as your business grows. Our niche is customised, innovative website programming.

We listen to each client, and seek to understand your business operations, customer base and online goals. Personal service is one of SUTTONNet's key principles.

You're in charge of your web project and budget. As you help us to understand your business and its goals, we design a website that meets your needs and allows for future growth.

Our job is to solve our clients' web problems, not to force each business into a standard website box. We won't tell you that your special request 'can't be done' unless it really can't.

Whether it's unusual ecommerce requirements or a useful new web app, we have the experience and technical skills that your business or organisation needs.

Our websites

SUTTONNet builds ultra fast, secure websites that catch the attention of search engines.

SUTTONNet sites are coded to high standards. Experience has been that our websites wear well over years of changing Internet usage. A website's look can be updated in various ways without the need for major redevelopment. All this saves our clients time and money because they replace their websites less often.

To create your unique website, we combine:

Plan ahead

Planning for a new website can take considerable time and effort. Create a well-structured and flexible site from the start, that can rapidly adapt as your business expands online. You won't need to start from scratch again soon.

SUTTONNet sites offer long term value and are sensibly priced to meet the budgets of our small-business clientele.

Check out our prices and inclusions and dig deeper into the cost-effectiveness of professional web development with an eye to the future.

Our inhouse cms

Clients use our Bizazz software to keep their websites up to date:

  • content management system (cms): layout & edit webpage text & photos, menu manager, multi-author input & final approval, webpage publisher
  • photo manager: photo processor & upload facility for webpage photos, ecommerce products and photo galleries
  • ecommerce system with easy product upload via spreadsheet
  • database for products, sales, contacts etc
  • create and edit online forms
  • blog software (in production).

Behind the scenes, Bizazz builds search engine friendly coding. You don't need any programming knowledge.

Our web apps

We build specialised web applications to clients' specifications. Projects to date include:

  • online badge designer for customers to design & order company namebadges, pet tags and more
  • website connectivity with accounting systems, bank merchant facilities and inhouse database server
  • production & despatch management
  • training records management
  • accounts system interface (in production)
  • customised ecommerce systems for a wide range of products and services.

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