Email Addresses on Your Own Domain

Do you want to send & receive emails from your very own email address that's memorable, private & totally yours?

We provide hosting on Australian servers for secure fast email services, using your own domain name. No more crazysue594443@.......!

You don't need any hosting knowhow. You don't even know how to set up the email accounts on your own computer! We'll take care of the whole process:

  • help you choose the best type of email hosting for your needs
  • create email hosting for all your mail accounts
  • support you to set up email access on your computer & phone
  • install Thunderbird mail software on your computer for easy email management
  • register your domain name & manage regular renewals
  • create & maintain the essential DNS hosting for your email service
  • add the security features that modern mailservers demand for minimal spam & maximal delivery rates.

Enjoy the convenience and privacy of your professional or family email addresses on a domain name of your own choice. No ads; no anxiety about robots scanning emails or BigTech cancelling your email account access. Your email service is fully under your control.

Easy email

Our flexible email hosting plans on specialised mail servers right here in Australia offer:

  • IMAP or POP plans
  • fast secure hosting
  • daily backups
  • all addresses supported by 4 mail servers: if one is overloaded or temporarily down, the others take over
  • send up to 2000 emails/hour per email address
  • 500MB - 50GB on-server storage per email address
  • your emails are securely encrypted while stored on the mail server AND in transit
  • mix and match service plans on a single domain: eg select IMAP for a main email address that several staff need to access, and save $ on other email addresses with smaller POP plans
  • instructions to set up your new email account
  • optional one-to-one support on request (fee applies).

Mail servers are housed in a professional, state-of-the art, high security facility in Sydney NSW. Australian laws on privacy, business contracts and anti-corruption help to protect your data.

  • POP3 or IMAP?

    POP aka POP3 and IMAP refer to different ways to manage email accounts.

    As a rough rule of thumb:

    • if you care that your emails are stored only on your own computer/phone: choose POP
    • for a shared business email account where several staff need to send replies, using different computers: choose IMAP.

    Our emal service is flexible. You can have one email account  on POP & another using IMAP.

    Read our guide & think carefully before you choose. Everyone has their own priorities & constraints; what works for your friend might not be best for you.

  • Why Thunderbird?

    Thunderbird is free open source software for Linux, Windows or Mac computers.

    We've supplied email support for many years for all sorts of clients who use many brands of email software. In our experience:

    • Thunderbird is consistently the easiest and most reliable mail software for clients of all levels of expertise to use, and
    • Thunderbird has caused the least problems for us as support crew. That's less email downtime, less worry and less expense for you.

    You're free to choose other mail software, of course.

  • Why Bizazz t/a SuttonNet?

    We offer skilled technical support gained over 2 decades of email hosting for business and private clients.

    We know how to assess the value of email hosting services and what pitfalls to avoid. We select hosting based on high standards of service availability, security, speed and customer support. We can understand the jargon and separate reality from advertising hype; and communicate easily with technical support staff.

    We have a solid reputation for professional, courteous and knowledgeable service, from our smallest to our largest clients.

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Last updated 12th June 2023