Content Management Software

Are you in charge of your online content?

Bizazz is our in-house website management system that gives each client complete control over their website. Use it to enter text, photos, products, prices and more.

  • Webpage content management

    Create unlimited webpages, update text and photos, change webpage layout and re-order menus with Bizazz.

    Add or update your webpage descriptions, to guide relevant online searches to your webpages. Re-index your own site whenever needed with just one click.

    SUTTONNet websites are well structured for search engine optimisation. Search engines love our websites!

  • Ecommerce management

    Specially designed with ecommerce websites in mind, Bizazz gives you the flexibility to manage your online products and prices, manage sales and despatch, follow up customers and store their details securely.

    Ecommerce products are displayed on webpages automatically, as soon as they have been loaded to the website backend. You can update multiple products instantly by uploading a spreadsheet.

    We set up product layout, shipping options and payment methods to your specifications.

  • Photo processing

    Load photos to your website quickly and securely. Store them in folders so that the right photo is always easy to find.

    The Bizazz photo processor requires very little operator training or photo editing expertise. Resultant photo files are compressed to keep your website ultra-fast, while retaining high visual quality. An original photo can be fully processed in under a minute ready to add to any webpage, with an enlarged version of the image as well.

    Just another minute or so in the Bizazz cms to place and publish the photo exactly where you want it: complete with a search engine-friendly title, alternate text for visually impaired readers and a photo border styled to suit your website.

  • Database management

    Store ecommerce product data and sales records as well as customers, members or other online contacts in your website database.

    Send targetted marketing emails to specific groups of your customers. Add more names to the contacts database from your own files, either manually or in bulk via fast spreadsheet upload.

  • Training & support

    Every Bizazz user receives starter training and ongoing support to manage their website: edit text, add new photos, change the webpage layout, create new pages and more.

    Not interested in DIY website maintenance? SUTTONNet can manage part or all of your website content for you, on an ad hoc or continuing basis.

    It's up to you. With Bizazz, you're in charge of your website content.