Webhosting & Email Hosting

SUTTONNet's fully managed hosting takes the stress off our clients. You don't need to do anything; we do all the technical work of managing your web and email hosting. We keep your website and email working for you.

SUTTONNet supplies expert managed webhosting and email hosting for businesses and not-for-profit organisations in NSW, ACT, Victoria, Queensland... anywhere.

Cloud hosting
  • Reliable high speed, high security SSD web server
  • Dedicated server for SUTTONNet use only
  • Configured for top website performance with minimal maintenance downtime
  • 24/7/365 support

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Flexible hosting plans
  • From one-page sites to large websites
  • Multi-site & ecommerce plans
  • Own-domain email accounts
  • Email-only hosting plans, for one or many mail accounts
  • Customised plans for your unique needs

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Stress-free managed hosting
  • We take care of all your hosting needs: you don't require any IT expertise
  • Daily automated website & database backups
  • SSL/TLS security certificate on all websites
  • Friendly personal service
  • 20 years of experience in managed webhosting for S-M businesses, incorporated groups and individuals
  • What we do for your hosting $

    1. We install your website correctly on our server and ensure that the website keeps running.
    2. We manage all email settings on the server (eg set up new email addresses).
    3. We select the best servers for our clients' websites to be fast and secure.
    4. We hire our server from a company with proven reliability, high performance and expert 24/7 support. As long term customers, we get excellent prices for this top quality service.
    5. We ensure that any webhosting or email hosting problems are fixed quickly, by us or the server specialists that we work with.
    6. We answer your queries about just about anything web related.
    7. We maintain everything needed to run ecommerce, including secure credit card transmission protocols.
    8. We collect AWS website statistics for each client.
    9. We protect our servers and the websites on them against hacker attacks, viruses and malware. We block attempted attacks and repel any infiltrations.
    10. We upgrade our servers to keep hosting software & hardware secure, fast and up to date.
    11. We research trends and changes in Internet, website and email technology. We help clients understand and respond to changes that affect them.
    12. We enjoy meeting clients at their business premises or ours (at our home near the Snowy Mountains NSW).
  • Who can access the SUTTONNet server?

    SUTTONNet staff and our server's 24/7 professional support team, almost exclusively. That's important for your website's security from both inexpert server use and malicious attacks.

    Access to our server is fully under our control.

    • SUTTONNet uses a dedicated server, which hosts our domains and our clients' domains only.
    • Because we supply managed hosting, most of our clients never need to access the server interface. Clients simply use our content management system Bizazz to edit their sites, process online sales &c. Or they view web statistics on a secure webpage. Hardly any clients even use FTP, because Bizazz is so comprehensive.
    • SUTTONNet's personal service model means that we know our clients. They run legitimate business or NFP entities. They aren't motivated to hack websites, create spam or insert malware on their sites.
  • If you develop my site, can I host it on another web server?

    No. SUTTONNet hosts every website that we build. That's a plus for site owner and site developer.

    • Because you have an ongoing business relationship with your web designer, we support you to make the most of your content management system, ecommerce and web databases. You can easily ask questions, request changes or have extra features added to your website.
    • Your website code remains inhouse on SUTTONNet's secure server. It's not available for unauthorised copying, or for hackers to study and attempt to break in.
    • We also have easy access to update your site's software. This keeps your website running well as browsers and Internet standards change. These updates are usually free. We test for any impact on your website and adjust code as needed. The process is mostly seamless; our clients rarely notice.

Our server lives in a modern server roo like this: a secure, clean and strictly controlled environment

Our other services

Domain names
  • Domain registrations & renewals for Australian & overseas domains
  • We look after all passwords, expiry dates & renewals for you: a boon for organisations with ever-changing committees
  • Simplify your website services by using one supplier
Website security certificates
  • Security certificates installed on all websites that we host, for a small setup fee only
  • Option to buy an EV or OV certificate, to show that your site belongs to a genuine business
  • Site seal gives extra assurance for customers
  • Certificate installation included for domains hosted on our server
Webpage updates
  • Webpage editing, new webpages, layout changes
  • Better SEO and improved visitor response to your webpages
  • Web statistics analysis
  • Ongoing or ad hoc service; you stay in control of your website budget