Web Applications & Data Management

The database advantage

Does your business collect data online?

Keep confidential information secure in a website database designed and built for your business.

That SuttonNet wombat knows about secure placesLink customer and enquirer databases to Bizazz's mailout facility for targetted email campaigns. Define mailout groups via customer's location, interests, previous purchases...

Your ecommerce database can store product specifications, prices, discounts, stock count and more.

SUTTONNet websites use database technology to safely store and manage ecommerce invoices, customers' records, product data, information gathered via website forms....

  • A well designed database easily organises and searches through data, creating customised reports.
  • It helps to ensure data integrity and usefulness.
  • Database entries are viewed and managed via user-friendly interface. No one can access data without your permission.
  • Bulk changes (eg product prices) can be made quickly, by uploading a spreadsheet.
  • Your data is securely stored on our dedicated cloud server, with hardware & software security designed & maintained by experts.
  • Data is backed up daily.
  • Information passing between our web server, you & your customers is always encrypted. This keeps confidential data safe while it's in transit around the Internet.

Applications programming

Want your website to work harder than most? SUTTONNet is ready for clients who think outside the square and ask for unusual, useful website applications.

Maybe you need to correlate statistical reports from staff in different locations; link online sales to your accounting system; or let online buyers customise their purchases on your website. SUTTONNet helps businesses to create innovative websites.

Why choose SuttonNet?

Our main programmer Bill Sutton has decades of experience in programming, from mainframes to mobile phones. He has succeeded at challenges which other developers gave up on.

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About $

If your budget is tight, here are some tips to help you afford a high performance, customised website.

  • Don't re-invent the wheel. If you have an effective graphic design, or your website/brochure text and photos are high quality - re-use them.
  • Be clear about your objectives and stick to them. Avoid impulsive project variations that add little or nothing to sales outcomes.
  • Break an ambitious project into stages.
  • Make each stage count: identifiable profit or improved work efficiency, etc.
  • Help test the app during development, if you have time and a thorough, logical approach. This can save on web developer's hours.